We provide services on a number of verticals. The most important categories we specialize in are listed below:
Software Development
Our team is specialized in design and implementation of medium and large scale projects.
Be it outsourcing of a feature or full project delivery; no matter complexity involved or the platform (web, desktop or mobile), we will be glad to help you along.
We've delivered a number of projects
  • Web services:
    We can design and build web projects to take care of your needs, no matter if it's for internal use, or for global consumption.
  • Desktop applications:
    Desktop apps have advantages of their own and can help your business along.
  • Mobile applications and games:
    We can build a mobile app or a cross platform game according to your needs.

IT Infrastructure
We are as good in hardware as in software. We've both installed and also maintained for a number of clients over last couple of years.
  • Data Centers:
    We have a deep expertise in Data Center design and implementation.
  • Networking:
    We have built network infrastructure of a number of state agencies and are providing support for operation and optimization.
  • IT Security:
    We have been involved in a number of identification, intrusion and firewall protection projects, including consultancy to improve existing services.

Business Intelligence
No matter how large and complex your data is, we can dig into it and help you derive information that will help your company ride into the bright future!
  • Data Integration:
    Merging of multiple unstructured, structured, semi-structured data types and data profiling & normalization.
  • Data Warehousing:
    Focus on data quality management, database architecture design, modeling and optimization.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting:
    Predictive analysis and stream data analytical processing is part of what we do. We help organizations present complex ideas into clear, precise and elegant way using our report builder.

Having built a huge number of projects ourselves, we've grown to be quite comfortable with anything related to project delivery.
We can provide aid on every stage of development, to make sure you deliver a product people will actually use.
  • Lean Development:
    Want to make products/services people care about? We can help you kick start Build-Measure-Learn loop for development of your product/service.
  • Defining Technical Requirements:
    We can help you define what infrastructure and development requirements you have.
  • Project Scope and Planning:
    Our team has experience of working from small to multi-million dollar projects.

Technical Support
We are capable and experienced in providing support with existing and/or operational systems of yours.
  • Helpdesk:
    We provide 24x7, 365 day a year of support, customized to your needs.
  • Monitoring:
    We can help you keep an experienced eye on running systems to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Maintenance:
    Be it predictive, preventative or reactive maintenance, we can bring our experience on board and change the odds in your favor.

We are happy practitioners of Agile (Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming), as we're using it to deliver projects of high quality.
We would love to help companies around the world excel in their business via Agile transformation.